Weird Nature Watch This Guy Complete The Fastest Mile Ever Run On Antarctica  

Mick Jacobs

Paul Robinson knows all the ins and outs of miles, himself having run one in NYC in 2014 in only three minutes and 51.1 seconds. But in the video below, he decides to tackle the mile in a remote location: Antarctica.

Robinson, an Irishman who hopes to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, manages a feat few have ever accomplished before, let alone tried. But someone like Robinson, who runs a mile in under five minutes, is simply, as the Boss would say, born to run.

As you'd expect on a largely uninhabited continent, a small but boisterous crowd greets Robinson at the end of his run. The have good reason to cheer, because Robinson likely just broke a record for the quickest mile time on the entire continent.

Imagine not only performing a feat of strength or endurance in Antarctica, but also breaking a record for it. Well, you don't need to imagine it, just watch Robinson do it for you in the video below.