Fastest MLB Players of All Time

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Best players in MLB history who were known for their elite speed

This list is composed of the fastest MLB players of all time, ranked by overall speed and talent level. The MLB measures straight-line speed with modern day analytics, as well as quickness, lateral agility, and many other athletic traits. However, speed in the MLB isn't as focused on the numbers, and is instead simply quantified by the jaw-dropping speed-related feats these MLB players perform on a nightly basis. Due to top-level speed, many of the fastest MLB players are also among the greatest MLB players of all time.

This list is a collection of which players displayed the most amazing, game-changing speed in NBA history. Typically, the fastest MLB players are center-fielders such as Kenny Lofton, Billy Hamilton, and Mike Trout, since they are often the smallest and have to cover the most ground, although certain anomalies like Alex Rodriguez and Wil Myers find themselves among the fastest MLB players despite being bigger and stronger.

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