Weird History

The Fastest Commercial Plane Ever Ended in A Devastating Blaze of Tragedy

The crash of the Concorde in 2000 was a shock. Also known as the Air France 4590 crash, it resulted in the deaths of more than 100 people, and Concorde crash victims included several people who weren't even on the plane. It was the only fatal incident involving the supersonic jet, and, before the crash, the Concorde was considered a relatively safe aircraft – with a history of zero deaths. The crash that effectively ended its nearly three decades of commercial use was caused by tire debris, which hit the fuel tank and caused it to explode.

The Concorde was developed through a partnership between Great Britain and France in the 1960s. The turbojet operated from 1969 until 2003, going commercial in 1976 with a flight from London to Bahrain and a flight from Paris to Rio. Passengers enjoyed flying on the jet because it was significantly faster than other flights. While the plane wasn't exactly luxurious inside, it catered to the rich and famous – who were the only ones who could afford the exorbitant ticket prices.

There were many reasons why the Concorde ceased operating in 2003, and the crash was just the start of its decline.