The Fastest KOs In UFC History  

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The fastest knockout in UFC history is a record every MMA fighter would love to have on their resume. Even the submission specialists sometimes prefer going for a knockout victory. There is no other result that can provide that level of dominance from a fast win. 

UFC’s record for the fastest knockout is currently 5 seconds by Jorge Masvidal against Ben Askren, a fight that went down in 2019. There are quite a few fights to have finished via knockout in under 14 seconds, from flurries of punches to a flying knee. These stand out as the most decisive victories in UFC history. No amount of training or excuses can get past the memory of defeat in such a fast time.

All the best UFC knockouts to end a match in the blink of an eye will be featured here. They all have different levels of importance. Vote up for the ones that impress you the most. Only the fastest knockouts are shown, so choose the best of the best in UFC history.

Jorge Masvidal Vs. Ben Askren
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Event: UFC 239
Date: July 6, 2019
Result: Masvidal in 5 seconds

Jorge Masvidal made history with the fastest knockout in UFC history against Ben Askren. Masvidal charged as soon as the bell rung and sent Askren to the mat with a flying knee. Masvidal then delviered a flurry of punches before the referee stopped the fight to give Masvidal the win in just 5 seconds.

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Todd Duffee Vs. Tim Hague
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Event: UFC 102
Date: August 29, 2009
Result: Duffee in 7 seconds

Todd Duffee was all business when having no desire to touch gloves with Tim Hague before the fight. Seven seconds later, Duffee's gloves were being removed from the face of Hague after securing the dominant knockout victory.

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Chan Sung Jung Vs. Mark Hominick
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Event: UFC 140
Date: December 10, 2011
Result: Jung in 7 seconds

Chan Sung Jung started his fight against Mark Hominick with a fury of hits, sending him to the mat instantly. Seven seconds was all Jung needed to get the victory and leave the UFC audience in complete awe.

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Ryan Jimmo Vs. Anthony Perosh
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Event: UFC 149
Date: July 21, 2012
Result: Jimmo in 7 seconds

Ryan Jimmo only needed one punch to send Anthony Perosh to the mat and get the victory at UFC 149. The best performance of Jimmo's career would score the victory in just 7 seconds.

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