15 People Describe The Fastest Way They've Seen People F*ck Up Their Lives

This world can be a tough place, and one wrong decision can derail everything, sending our lives into a tailspin. Some choices only speed up that tailspin, and it's mind-boggling how quickly people can so quickly, and so thoroughly, upend their entire existence. Recently, users have been sharing on Reddit stories about ruined lives and how they got to that point.

Obviously, there is no single guaranteed path to f*cking up one's life. A constellation of events must come together to make that possible, though there is often one overriding factor that initiates all the others into action – sort of like an awful domino effect.

Tales abound of the fastest way people have ruined their lives, and for some, it almost feels like a photo-finish to the lowest rock-bottom. Discover more than a dozen stories about people messing up their lives… and be grateful you are not them.