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The Greatest Fat Anime Characters of All Time

If you think overweight people can't be badass, these fat anime characters are here to prove you wrong. For this poll we're ranking the best overweight characters in anime, with the help of your votes. Do you have a favorite chubby anime character? This list includes good guys like Choji from Naruto and Tom from One Piece, to villains like Gluttony in Fullmetal Alchemist. Some of these characters are fatter than others, ranging from the giagantic to the slightly overweight. For example, DBZ's Yagirobi is clearly a very fat man, while Kohta Hirano is only a little bit overweight.

Let us know who your top fat anime character is by voting up your favorites on this list. If a character you really love is missing, you can also add them to the list so that others can vote for them too.