The Best Fat Cartoon Characters In TV History

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Vote up the best chubby, chunky, or obese animated characters in TV history.

This list compiles the best fat cartoon characters, as ranked by television fans who know the difference between big-boned and overweight. Many cartoon series have featured fat animated characters, so we've compiled the best obese animated characters that were featured in shows from classic and contemporary shows.

Which characters appear on this list of famous fat cartoon characters? Of course, Homer Simpson of The Simpsons is one of our favorite chubby cartoon characters. We're talking the ordinary Homer, not even the jumbo-sized version from “King Size Homer." Naturally, other plump cartoon characters like Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Fred Flintstone from The Flintstones also appear on this list. Eric Cartman from South Park is also a great chunky cartoon character, one who has developed far beyond just being overweight. Or is he just thick? Don't forget other popular fat Disney characters who've popped up on TV!   

Where Cartman and all your favorite fat cartoon characters fall on this list? You can vote up your favorite obese and chubby cartoons to make ensure your that the end up on top. And if we missed any portly animated characters, don't hesitate to add them to the list!

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