Fabulously Fat 16th Century Cats

These wonderfully fat kitties are the masterpieces of Zarathustra from FatCatArt.com.

As you’ll quickly see from perusing her masterpieces below, Zarathustra’s method is a revolutionary one. After gathering a collection of what she considered "sub-par art" by Renaissance losers such as da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael, the Zarathustra transformed the art by employing the innovative technique of inserting fat cats in 16th century art.

Prepare yourself to behold the most revolutionary thing that's happened to the art world since Andy Warhol got a cold and bought a can of Campbell's soup.  

  • 1. "Dang. Flea Season's a B*tch this Year."

  • 2. "I'll Take This Massive Meat. You Guys Can Have My Grape Stems."

  • 3. "What Can I Say? Ladiez Love the Fur."

  • 4. Playtime Kitty Does Not Distinguish Between Twine and Ship Rigging

  • 5. Babel Kitty Prepares to Scramble Your Languages

  • 6. Springtime Kitty is Feeling Extra Frisky