funny The Most Offensively Over-the-Top Stock Images of Fat People  

Keshvar Alikhani
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Overweight people have to deal with a lot of tough issues: dieting, fat shaming, swimsuit shopping. Not to mention the body image and health troubles that come with being on the heavier side. Nowhere is their struggle more obvious that in the pages of Shutterstock.

Stock photos of fat people tend to be comically over the top. For one thing, they are almost always about food: fat women rolling around in piles hamburgers, chubby men stuffing themselves with cake on the couch. You name it, Shutterstock’s got it. Unless, of course, you want something reasonable and realistic.

These funny stock photos of fat people feature some of the most ridiculous of the stock images on the web. From a fat guy trying to exercise without eating (hilarious!), to a lady literally making out with a bar of chocolate, Shutterstock knows no bounds when it comes to selling some of the most offensive pictures on the Internet.

If you’re looking for a practical shot of an overweight person just trying to go about their day, you’re out of luck. But if you need a photo of a fat woman who is slowly turning into a giant donut, you’ve come to the right place!

Which fat stock photo is craziest? You be the judge.

Tiny Fat Woman Ready to Tackle Giant Cake

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