Fatal Champ Car Accidents & Indy Car Crash Deaths

Auto racing drivers take their jobs seriously and unfortunately for these select drivers, nothing is more serious than death, as they experienced when fatal champ car accidents or Indy car crashes took their lives. Many of the fatal Indy car accidents at races that occured during the American Championship Car Racing since 1982 are listed here. The names of teams of the champ car and indy car drivers that crashed, as well as the date of the fatal accidents, are also included.

Though IndyCar racing, which is divided into three series, the IZOD IndyCar Series, Firestone Indy Lights and the U.S. F2000, is sanctioned, concerns remain over the safety of the drivers in the open-wheel cars. As these deaths prove, that concern is absolutely reasonable.

Many of these deaths occurred before the 2000s when IndyCar racing safety came to a head. In 2003, Mario Andretti, Kenny Bräck and Tony Renna were involved in a series of high-profile accidents which led to extreme changes to safety measures. Speeds were reduced and even changes to the cars were made, leading to an overall safer experience for all.

Unfortunately even with the best measures and improvements, the deaths continued, including on March 26, 2006, when driver Paul Dana lost his life during a practice session for the 2006 Toyota Indy 300. Fortunately, the safety measures and technologies used in the cars continue to improve to this day. The same applies to other racing leagues, with the number of Formula1 fatal crashes and Formula2 fatal crashes, among other leagues, seeing a steady decrease as well.