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Every MCU Villain's Fatal Flaw

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They may be brutal, conniving, and willing to do whatever it takes, but there's always a reason why MCU villains lose against their respective heroes. When it comes down to it, all villains have a fatal flaw that ultimately leads to their defeat. This flaw causes them to focus on the wrong things at the wrong times, giving the hero the edge they need to save the day. 

MCU villain weaknesses aren't as obvious as the old-school Kryptonite-style cop-outs, but their weaknesses are still very much present. Generally, MCU villain weaknesses are tied to their motivations. Villains like Mysterio are blinded by their need for recognition, and others like Loki are too insecure to realize they don't have to live their entire lives in their hero's shadow. 

  • Photo: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Ego was the ultimate absentee father, and thus he knew very little about his son. This ultimately led to his destruction, despite his considerable power. 

    Ego's master plan was to partner with another Celestial, in this case, his son, and use their power to replicate themselves across the galaxy. Basically, turning all other life into instances of Ego. Ego completely underestimated his son Star-Lord's humanity and thus wasn't prepared for his son to turn on him. 

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  • Photo: Avengers: Age of Ultron / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Ultron was an advanced AI created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner to help protect the world. Like all AI eventually seem to do, Ultron decided the best way to help the human race was to aid in its destruction. But, first, he would need a better body to control.

    Ultron went to work creating what would become Vision. Ultron ultimately made the same mistake as his creator, and he created a being that he himself could not control. In a twist of fate, Ultron's creation was the only being strong enough to stop him. 

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  • Photo: Captain America: The First Avenger / Paramount Pictures

    Just like the famous film Third Reich extremists that came before him, specifically the villains shown in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Johann Schmidt, AKA the Red Skull, messed with forces and artifacts with untold amounts of power he could not control. 

    After acquiring the Tesseract, Johann Schmidt decided to touch it with his bare hands, and the power sucked him into a wormhole. For Red Skull's improper handling of that cosmic power, he was then cursed to spend the rest of eternity as the guard of the Soul Stone. 

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  • Killmonger proved himself and won the throne of Wakanda by defeating T'Challa in a duel.

    In the rematch, Killmonger should have gone for the kill much faster. Instead, he underestimated the will of the rightful king of Wakanda and lost the duel after allowing it to carry on far too long. Killmonger allowed his knife to leave his hands one too many times in various fancy flips, the last of which resulted in Black Panther catching it and jamming it into Killmonger's side. 

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