Every Fatal Mountain Lion Attack In US History

Mountain lions are part of the natural environment in many parts of the United States, especially rural areas. While the animals are vital to ecosystems nationwide, they are naturally wild predators who evolved to hunt and can be dangerous. While mountain lion attacks are a very rare occurrence, they do happen on occasion if humans get too close to their natural habitats. In United States history, fatalities due to mountain lion attacks have been recorded since 1890. Since then, there have been numerous deaths caused by mountain lions.

Mountain lions are usually unlikely to attack people as they mostly stick to regions where humans are not present. People attacked by mountain lions are often alone in the wilderness when they come across a cat who is already on the hunt. Hikers, backpackers, and those who simply live in secluded areas may accidentally encroach on a big cat's territory. Once a mountain lion attacks, it can be hard to overpower the animal and victims often die from their injuries. While such accidents are relatively rare, they are not unheard of. Cougars can kill you under the right circumstances, so browse this list and be conscious that we share this planet with many other creatures.