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Amazing Cosplay From The Fate Series

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These hardcore fans of the epic Fate/Stay Night and Fate Zero anime series, as well as fans of the mobile game Fate/Grand Order, have created some seriously stunning displays of dedicated craftsmanship and talent by conjuring up fantastic cosplays! Through a collection of perfectly captured photographs, the most beloved installments in the series, from actual historical figures in the Fate series to fictional characters, come to life right before your eyes to dazzle any devoted Fate fan.

From anime favorite characters such as Saber, Rider, and Archer, to adorable and kick*ss video game icons like Tamamo no Mae and Nitocris, these awesome cosplayers have taken the best of the best that the Fate series has to offer and embodies the cast as a 3D manifestation that might even blow the original character art out of the water! Be prepared to witness an onslaught of costuming, design, and photography perfection as the series is redesigned as seen through the eyes of unwavering Fate lovers. Check out these amazing pictures below and vote up the best Fate cosplays!

  • 1. Dark Sakura Matou From Fate/Stay Night

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  • 2. Saber (Nero Claudius Bride) From Fate/Grand Order

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  • 3. Saber (Artoria Pendragon) From Fate/Stay Night And Fate/Zero

    Photo: CALSSARA / Midgard
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  • 4. Assassin (Jack The Ripper) From Fate/Grand Order

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