The 14 Most Convoluted Plot Holes In "Fate Of The Furious"

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead.*

Dear readers, what is happening in Fate of the Furious? How did a movie that once followed street racers as they outsmarted the LAPD become one of the most logic-defying films of all time? The convoluted plot devices in Fate of the Furious range from the plausible (grappling hooks embedded inside fancy cars) to the truly farfetched (Charlize Theron’s magic plane), and the film’s producers simply expect the audience to watch the film and not ask any questions. It’s possible the filmmakers didn’t care about all of the Fate of the Furious plot holes because they didn’t expect anyone to leave the theater without a fully-melted brain. 

No one really cares about the Fast and the Furious plots, do they? At no point has anyone who truly loved these movies ever batted an eye at Vin Diesel pulling a bank vault out of a wall with a mid-2000's Chevy, or cared about whether Dwayne Johnson can actually take a bunch of rubber bullets to the chest and be totally fine. But the plot holes on this list are far too big to ignore.