All The Ways "Fate Of The Furious" Keeps The Rock And Vin Diesel Apart

*Warning: Spoilers ahead.*

Even if you weren’t excited about 2017’s addition in the Fast and the Furious never-ending story, you still probably heard about the Rock/Vin Diesel feud that fueled controversy and threatened to turn the entire thing into a catastrophe. The Fate of the Furious is more than just cool cars and really confusing plot holes. The movie is really about the egos of the film's two stars. Dwayne Johnson posted multiple Instagram posts about his distaste for one particular actor who went unnamed, Tyrese sort of got in the middle of it but no one could remember who Tyrese was, and Vin Diesel posted a cryptic video on Insta about industry dirt. What a nightmare. In order to get around the Fate of the Furious feud, director F. Gary Gray had to resort to a myriad of ridiculous ways to make the audience believe that Johnson and Diesel were sharing the same space even though they probably weren’t even on set together.

The Fate of the Furious filming demands were so strenuous they affected the entire plot. Despite all the bombast of the final sequence which involves an exploding submarine, and Vin Diesel being shielded from the blast by a bunch of fancy cars, the film lacks the visual exhale that would have been seeing Johnson and Diesel occupy the same space either as friends or foes. The film only needed for this to happen twice, once at the beginning, and again at the end when the team is reunited, but the feud between to two bald stars was so intense they wouldn’t even give the audience that much. Whether you’re a Furious-Head or not, you’re going to want to keep reading to discover all of the truly silly ways they kept the Rock and Vin Diesel apart during filming.