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The Saddest Fates Of Our Favorite Movie And TV Animals

24 Mar 2020 117.9k views12 items

Most people know what happened to the dog at the end of Old Yeller, but what happened to the most beloved animal actors once the cameras stopped rolling? Characters in animal movies have special ways of touching audiences' hearts, sometimes more powerfully than human characters. Due to their unique body of work, film and television creatures like Mister Ed, Air Bud, and Lassie remain beloved years after their first appearance. Unfortunately, while animal characters have the ability to live forever on film, animal actors are mortal. 

Whether they became sick, lost their will to live, or passed in the line of duty, some animal actors experienced tragedy at the end of their lives. Luckily, what they gave the world through their movie and television performances won't soon be forgotten.

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