The Best Father/Daughter First Dance Wedding Songs

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Vote for all of your favorite songs that would be great for a father/daughter dance, and add any that you don't already see listed.

What are the best  songs for father/daughter dance? Watching a chid grow up and get married can be an emotional time. Sometimes the father/daughter dance is the most touching part of a wedding day, and brides should have the perfect song to help make the moment that much better. Many of these songs would be perfect for a mother/son dance, too.

What are the best songs for a father/daughter dance at a wedding reception? Is it upbeat, loving, or fun? It's up for you to decide. Vote up all the songs you think are the best for a father/daughter dance, and vote down the ones you can do without. Have ideas for a song that deserves a spot on this list? Feel free to add it.

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