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Father-Daughter Hollywood Scandals

Hollywood gossip loves bad parents, bad relationships, and bad parenting. Father and daughter scandals attract some of the most shocking rumors and revelations in the entertainment industry. From Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight to Janet Jackson and Joe Jackson to Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips, there's a long tradition of dad and daughter relationships gone wrong in Hollywood.

Some of the biggest female stars and most famous actresses in the world have dramatic or scandalous relationships with their fathers. This list is your guide to the most strained and strange dad and daughter relationships in the public eye.

Which famous daddy's little girls no longer talk to their fathers? Which of these odd couples are rumored to have had incestuous affairs? Gross. You don't have to look far for more current celebrity scandals.

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    Charlize Theron And Charles Theron

    Photo: Fuzheado / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 4.0

    "[My dad] had a disease," Charlize Theron said in 2008. "He was an alcoholic." Charlize said her dad never physically harmed her, but she admitted "he was a verbal abuser." On June 21, 1991, Charles returned to their home in South Africa after a long night of drinking.

    He fired a shotgun into the then-15-year-old’s bedroom, so her mom Gerda shot back, ending his life.

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    Mackenzie Phillips And John Phillips

    In her memoir, High On Arrival, Mackenzie Phillips claimed she had a sexual relationship with her father. "On the eve of my wedding, my father showed up, determined to stop it, I had tons of pills, and Dad had tons of everything too. Eventually I passed out on Dad’s bed. My father was not a man with boundaries. He was full of love, and he was sick with drugs. I woke up that night from a blackout to find myself having sex with my own father."

    She later told Oprah Winfrey of her relationship with her father, "It's sort of Stockholm syndrome, where you begin to love your captor."

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    Brooke Hogan And Hulk Hogan

    While enjoying some fun in the sun poolside at an LA hotel, Hulk Hogan got uncomfortably close to his daughter Brooke while applying suntan lotion to her bikini-clad body. Hulk lathered up his 19-year-old daughter the way he would his girlfriend, who was waiting on a nearby lounge chair (next to her son).

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    Soon-Yi Previn And Woody Allen

    After breaking up with Mia Farrow in 1992, Woody Allen continued his relationship with Farrow's adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn. Even though Allen never married or lived with Farrow, and was never Previn's legal stepfather, the relationship between Allen and Previn has often been compared to a father dating his stepdaughter, since he had been perceived as being in the child's life in a father-like capacity since she was 7 years old.

    Despite assertions from Previn that Allen was never a father figure to her, the relationship became a cause célèbre. At the time, Allen was 56 and Previn was 22. Asked whether their age difference was conducive to "a healthy, equal relationship," Allen discounted the matter of equality and added this protestation: "The heart wants what it wants."