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Favorite Character in iZombie  

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iZombie is a fresh (well, not-so-fresh) take on the undead lifestyle as medical resident Liv Moore attends a fateful party that turned her into a flesh eating zombie.  With the ability to absorb flashes of memory and acquire certain skills from consuming a corpse's brain tissue, Liv copes with her unique situation by solving crimes with the police.

iZombie is loosely based on a Vertigo comic and is produced by Rob Thomas, the creator of Veronica Mars.  iZombie is full of wit, drama, horror and mystery for those discerning viewers who are looking more that just food for thought.
Ravi Chakrabarti is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Favorite Character in iZombie
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Ravi Chakrabarti
Ravi is a medical examiner and is quite excited to have a living, er, unliving zombie like Liv around for study.  He's checking to see is there's a possible cure and he displays a good amount of detective skills on his own.
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Liv Moore is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Favorite Character in iZombie
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Olivia lost her zest for life after a boat party gave her an afterlife, as an undead zombie.  She now works in a morgue to feed her need for brains.  She pulls her life back together once she realizes she could use the memory flashes she receives from the brains of crime victims to help solve their murders.  

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Blaine DeBeers is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Favorite Character in iZombie
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Blaine DeBeers
Blaine is a low-life drug dealer who passed around the experimental drug during that fateful boat party that created the zombies.  He's responsible for infecting Liv and so she's wary of him and his big, nefarious plans.
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Clive Babineaux is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Favorite Character in iZombie
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Clive Babineaux
Clive is a police detective who is lead to believe that Liv's memory flashes are psychic in nature.  He's skeptical at first but he can't argue with results.
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