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The Best Characters On 'How To Get Away With Murder'

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Shonda Rhimes is making a killing with producing her series How to Get Away with Murder.  The legal crime drama is engrossing and addictive, not just because of the intricate and involved murder mystery plot, but largely because of the complex characters populating the show over the seasons.  

Annalise Keating is the tough as nails criminal law professor whose life is mired with intrigue and deception as she weathers teaching her class and her troubled personal life.  Her five best students' worlds are likewise filled with intrigue, be is in imminent marriage or having an affair or being intimately involved with the murder of a local college student.  They all have to practice their cutthroat craft as they struggle with keeping up with their elaborate deceptions.  They're underhanded and cunning while panicking and being vulnerable and the audience loves them for it.  Who's your favorite among the main characters?  Those who survive, that is.

Everybody has secrets.  Everybody lies.  But who's the best at getting away with murder? 

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  • Annalise Keating is as cold as ice in court and hard as iron in class.  But under her steel facade is a vulnerable woman breaking down with worry about her crumbling marriage and precipitous practice.  But she wears her wig and puts on her impassive face as she faces the world of deception and lies.
    • Actor: Viola Davis
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    Connor Walsh

    Connor Walsh is openly gay and doesn't hesitate to use his sex appeal to pump the informant for more than just juicy, intimate details.  His charm, wit and dating app Humpr are his weapons as he looks out for number 1 but he's not as heartless as he seems.
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      Oliver Hampton

      Oliver Hampton started out as an easy target on the gay meat market but has become more than that.  As a computer expert, his skills are invaluable but his affection is more so.  His final fate isn't clear.
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        Frank Delfino

        Just what is Frank Delfino's position in Annalise's crew?  He's on top of whatever situation is thrown at him as he has connections and the means.  He is known to prey on young college students so ladies better beware of his charms.
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