What Your Favorite Disney Karaoke Song Says About You

There are plenty of methods out there for evaluating someone’s personality - Myers-Briggs, the DISC assessment, even Rorschach - but by far, the most enjoyable way to unearth your psyche's most vital clues is to simply perform your favorite Disney karaoke song. Choosing what song to sing at karaoke night is like trying to pick what to watch on Netflix: you’re overwhelmed with so many options that you're driven to near insanity. Luckily, Disney tunes are guaranteed to be an instant crowd-pleaser no matter which one you choose.

Disney karaoke songs are like a window into your very soul, which can either shed light on whatever is on your mind at the time, or delve even deeper into what makes you who you are. Having trouble at work? Cue up “Hakuna Matata” and you’ll be over it in no time. Looking to get closer to someone special? Show them “A Whole New World” with your duet skills. Read on to find out what your Disney karaoke personality says about you.

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

  • After weeks of exchanging carefully orchestrated pleasantries with your work crush or latest Bumble match, you’ve finally mustered the courage to invite them to hang out. What better place is there to load up on some liquid courage and show off your skills than your favorite karaoke joint?

    Just like Jasmine and Aladdin, you and your potential bae are brimming with the sweet euphoria of the honeymoon phase, so strap in and enjoy that magic carpet ride while it lasts.

  • “Let it Go” From ‘Frozen’

    “Let It Go” may be the hit of the decade for Disney, but don’t let its popularity fool you into thinking it’s just another shallow ditty - the lyrics are full of complexity and independent thinking, just like you. You’re in touch with your true self, and most importantly, couldn't care less what others may think on the matter.

    Because of your headstrong nature, you often have difficulty tolerating authority figures who don’t practice what they preach, but don’t worry - your confidence will lead to bigger and better things.

  • “Hakuna Matata” From ‘The Lion King’

    What a wonderful phrase indeed - and the perfect mantra to match your easygoing lifestyle. Those who know you best will say that you know how to roll with the punches and are never one to sweat the small stuff.

    One could argue that this is why you haven’t achieved much beyond setting the apartment record for "Longest Xbox Session Without Any Bathroom Breaks" - but this carefree nature also means that your positive attitude is simply contagious. You’re also not afraid to be candid about your less-than-amiable qualities, an honesty which puts people at ease.

  • “Part of Your World” is the perfect karaoke song for a dreamer like you who is ready for a change in life. Ariel’s excitement and yearning to discover new sights and adventures perfectly matches your starry-eyed personality.

    This sense of wonder can also showcase your naivety - but that’s okay. The karaoke bar is usually free of scheming sea witches plotting to take advantage of you.

  • You’re a loyal and reliable pal who would rather share the karaoke spotlight with your BFF than some romantic fling. If there was an MVP award for your social circle, you would be the winner time and time again.

    From babysitting your friend's geriatric pet Schnauzer to volunteering as designated driver, there’s no task too big or too small for the important people in your life. Just make sure you’re taking time to be in your own corner every now and then, too.

  • "Colors Of The Wind" From 'Pocahontas'

    If “Colors of the Wind” is your Disney karaoke tune of choice, then you're probably both culturally and environmentally conscious - and we salute you for it. Times are tough these days, but with your optimistic attitude and beautifully delivered high notes, your friends can’t help but feel inspired.

    Your spirit animal is every animal, so you’re very passionate about protecting critters of all sizes, not to mention the environments in which they live. Just try not to get too preachy, or you might not get a karaoke invite next time.