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What Your Favorite Horror Couple Says About Your Relationships

Updated November 5, 2019 9.6k views20 items

To an outsider, horror and romance might seem like an odd mix. But horror fans know that the best scary movies balance tension, terror, and the romantic interactions between those doomed to die. Horror movie relationships are often stretched to the limit, testing everything the couple believes about themselves. If they can survive the terror of a zombie apocalypse, or a group of demons hell-bent on swallowing souls, they can survive anything - even dinner with the Sawyer family.

The best horror movie couples work together to overcome whatever challenge they need to face, but that doesn't mean they're all aspirational. Some horror movie partnerships are scarier than the spooky stuff happening on screen. If someone looks at a couple like Jack and Wendy from The Shining as inspiration for their own future relationships, they may need to rethink their concept of love. 

A person's favorite horror movie couple can say a lot about them. It shows what they think about romance, the realities of longevity in a partnership, and how the other party should be treated.

  • If there were a horror power couple, it would be Gomez and Morticia Addams. Gomez absolutely worships Morticia, and he makes sure everyone in the room knows it. Morticia isn't as overwhelmingly vocal about her feelings for Gomez, but she shows her love in different ways. After the family loses everything to Abigail Craven in 1991's The Addams Family, Gomez buckles under the weight of his depression and it's Morticia who puts their life back together.

    If Gomez and Morticia appeal to you, you might be a romantic who's ruled by your emotions; you need someone who's down to Earth to help you stay grounded. Or, you're the kind of person who locks onto someone when you fall in love, and you don't let them go even when they're at their worst. 

  • The emotions shared between this gothic pair is more of an idyllic love than an actual relationship. Edward pines for Kim from afar from the moment he meets her. He falls deeply in love with a girl who's his visual polar opposite. Kim is obsessed with Edward, but can't act on her feelings because she's in a relationship with a boorish jock. Edward and Kim share a idealized version of love that doesn't exist outside of fairytales, which works wonders in the film.

    However, if this is the couple you look to for inspiration, you may be setting the bar a bit high. Aside from being the kind of person who's waiting for the one, you like to take things slow, but when you meet someone you really love, they live in your heart forever. You're easily hurt, but you keep coming back to the hurt you know rather than venturing out into the world to be hurt by something completely new.

  • Hopefully you don't see anything of yourself in one of the worst couples in horror movie history. Sidney is intelligent, cunning, and cool under pressure. Billy is a psychopath. When these two first got together they were hot and heavy, but after Billy killed Sidney's mom, their relationship cooled off. They have a terrible dynamic, with Billy killing Sidney's friends, blackmailing her father, and gaslighting her until she doesn't know what to think. On the other hand, Sidney goes back and forth on Billy until it's too late. 

    If you see yourself in any aspect of Sidney and Billy's relationship, then you need to take some time off from dating and work on yourself. If you think Billy's a great boyfriend, a trained psychologist might be necessary, and if you think Sidney's just doing her best with the situation she's in, you should know there are other guys out there who won't murder your friends.

  • It's a testament to Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester that they were able to show so much emotion with so little dialogue. The Monster spends most of the movie hearing from Doctor Frankenstein that he's making a woman just for him. When he finally meets the Bride, she rebuffs his advances with a terrifying hiss that inspires the Monster to blow up the castle and kill everyone inside.

    This is an iconic couple, but only because they look so cool. In reality, the Bride absolutely hates the Monster. If you see these two as your romantic ideal, then you might be struggling with self image. Learn to be alone for a while - you might like it.