People On The Internet Are Sharing Their Favorite TV 'Looks Of Love' And We Can't Get Enough

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Television has given us some legendary romances. Writers and directors work hard at developing these storylines, and yet, sometimes the audience doesn't truly believe in the love shown onscreen. Why? Well, because sometimes a moment with no speech and drama can be even more powerful and revealing than a long monologue about love. It's all about the look, the look of love. 

A look of love isn't a look of lust or passion, nor is it restricted to love at first sight. Maybe they didn't know the love was there before, and maybe they won't act on it, but for this moment, the character(s) truly have love reflected in their gaze and the audience can feel it. 

People on the internet have been sharing their favorite looks of love in TV and we simply can't get enough. So, cue Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" and vote up your favorites!