Check Out 14+ Of Your Favorite Movie Scenes Brilliantly Recreated With LEGOs

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In the decades since LEGOs were first introduced to the world, kids and artists have found increasingly more inventive ways to use them. Some of the many cool things made with LEGOs have ranged from funny memes all the way to complex recreations of famous historical moments or national monuments from around the world. Just the sheer number of cool and unique YouTube Lego videos available online at this point is staggering. 

In recent years, though, artists have begun finding ways to create LEGO versions of famous movie scenes, much to the excitement of film geeks everywhere. Whether the scenes themselves be famous moments from classic 1940s epics or one of Steven Spielberg's many critically-acclaimed outings, the best of these LEGO recreations find a way to pay homage to the power of cinema.

So without any further ado, here are some of the coolest recreations of movies that have been made with LEGOs throughout the years, for all you LEGO and film fans to enjoy!