Your Favorite Winter Olympic Events

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Here is a list of all the Winter Olympics events, ranked by your votes. The list asks the reader, “What is your favorite event of the Winter Olympics?” There are 15 winter sport disciplines in 7 sports to choose from. Some of these include short track speed skating, curling, and freestyle figure skating. With returning favorites among the competitors and national pride, the Olympics are watched for not only the favorite competitions, but to see who and what country will come out on top in these events. What is the best Winter Olympic event? 

Vote for your favorite event at the Winter Olympics Games. Feel free to also vote for the underrated Winter sports that deserve more recognition. 

Photo: Pawel Maryanov / Wikimedia Commons
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  • Snowboard
    685 votes


  • Bobsleigh
    591 votes


  • Ice Hockey
    586 votes

    Ice Hockey

  • Ski Jumping
    595 votes
  • Figure Skating
    782 votes

    Figure Skating

  • Alpine skiing
    478 votes