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What It's Actually Like To Be An FBI Agent

Updated 22 Jul 2019 6.8k views14 items

The people who commit their lives to the FBI not only have to go through rigorous scrutiny into their personal lives, but they have to give up any semblance of having a normal life once they enter the bureau. 

The FBI job description includes doing a ton of research, traveling at least a quarter of the year, and even teaching other members of law enforcement how to research properly. No day is the same for special agents. They can spend long hours analyzing evidence in a solitary space one day and work to defuse a hostage situation the next. 

Requirements for FBI jobs are stringent, to say the least. Higher-ups in the bureau look at everything their agents do, even monitoring their social media activity and their diets. Rather than go through a major background check of your own, it'll be easier just to read about what it’s like to be an FBI agent.

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