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13 Psychics Who Broke The Case When Police Couldn't Get The Job Done

21 Apr 2017 53.8k views13 items

Has the FBI used psychics? Well, did you know that, from 1978 to 1995, the United States Army secretly enlisted the help of psychics, called “remote viewers,” in both domestic and foreign intelligence operations? This covert military program was code named the “Stargate Project." While the Stargate Project no longer exists, there are plenty of modern-day examples of the US Government, namely the Federal Bureau of Investigation, reaching out to psychics, remote viewers, and even mediums for "intel" about the more mysterious and nagging unsolved crimes on the books. And it's not just the FBI; police around the globe have sought the help of psychics (or been helped without asking) in some of their most challenging cases.

Surprisingly, psychics have actually been responsible for locating the dead bodies of missing people and bringing long-needed closure to some of the more tragic and violent crimes on record. Some psychics have been so successful at helping police crack cases over the years that they've made entire careers out of it. Anyone who thinks psychics aren't real may find themselves questioning everything they believe after learning about these real crime cases where the FBI and psychics worked together.

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