Weirdly Interesting 29 Photos That Prove You Have Sidonglobophobia  

Ashley Reign
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You ever wonder what it must be like inside the head of someone who suffers from one of those strange phobias that sound too bizarre to be true? Pretty much everyone is afraid of something, but this phobia takes bizarre fears to the next level.This list will give you a peek into the thoughts of those suffering from Sidonglobophobia, which is a super fancy way of saying “fear of cotton balls.”

These cotton-dodging folks live each and every day with the knowledge that cotton is out there waiting to attack. Some people don't like the texture, while others are creeped out by the sound it makes when rubbed against another cotton ball. Some folks are truly terrified of cotton balls, and experience sheer horror when they open up a new bottle of Tylenol, or need to remove their nail polish.

Vote up the freakiest photos of cotton balls below - that is, if you can make it through this list without running for the hills!

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