20 Unnerving Photos That Made Us Realize We're Afraid Of Heights

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Whether you're sitting on top of a wind turbine or climbing the side of a mountain, there's no denying that views from great heights can be stunning and terrifying all at once. These unsettling photos taken from high places are all the proof we needed to realize we definitely have acrophobia, also known as a fear of heights.

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  • 1. Balancing On A Board

    Balancing On A Board
    Photo: Reddit / Imgur
    694 votes
  • 2. Resting On A Ledge

    Resting On A Ledge
    Photo: u/EB-Escalade / Reddit
    514 votes
  • 3. Standing On A Single Tree Branch

    Standing On A Single Tree Branch
    Photo: u/plateaudrifting / Reddit
    544 votes
  • 4. Peeking Over The Edge

    Peeking Over The Edge
    Photo: Reddit / Reddit
    487 votes
  • 5. Above The Clouds

    Above The Clouds
    Photo: Reddit / Reddit
    427 votes
  • 6. This View From The Very Edge

    This View From The Very Edge
    Photo: u/MyOhLongJohnson / Reddit
    394 votes