MTV's Reality Show 'Fear' Scared The Hell Out Of Us Way Before This Footage Took Over Horror Shows

MTV reality show Fear was one of the scariest TV shows of the early 2000s. Arriving just a year after the seminal horror film The Blair Witch Project, Fear goes down as one of the best entries in the history of found footage entertainment. This reality series sent a group of five or more strangers to a haunted location to investigate paranormal activity. The results were often absolutely terrifying. 

Fear existed in an era when MTV was still really awesome. This horror reality series took us to many of haunted places, such as West Virginia State Penitentiary, the USS Hornet aircraft carrier, Fort Gaines, and Mina Dos Estrellas. On top of being in allegedly haunted places, the challenges the show put the contestants through were usually pretty horrifying. MTV really pushed the cast to the limits.

While this scary MTV show only ran for two seasons from 2000-2002, it remains one of the most underrated horror experiences out there. Hopefully, some new reality shows will live up to the standards set by Fear. Here's why you should find this series and give it a rewatch: