Female Animals With Pseudo Penises

The animal kingdom has a beautiful variety of methods for achieving sexual reproduction. Some creatures develop stunning plumage, fur patterns, or weird mating rituals in order to facilitate breeding. Other animals have violent sex that sometimes even results in death. And then, there are those species where the girls look like they have penises. 

Though rare, some female animals possess external genitalia resembling a penis. But while it looks like a penis in structure and appearance, the functionality of the phallus varies. In hyenas, females actually give birth through it. In other creatures, like the squirrel monkey, the fake penis is just for show. Read on to discover a fascinating list of female creatures with simulated male genitalia. 

  • Spotted Hyena
    Photo: Eric Lafforgue/Art in All of Us/Contributor / Corbis News/Getty Images

    Here's something they didn't mention in The Lion King: female hyenas have clitorises that are seven inches long and higher levels of testosterone than males. This makes them the dominant sex of the species. A female hyena urinates, has sex, and gives birth through their pseudo penis. They can even get erections. They also have fused, elongated labia, creating the appearance of a scrotum.

    • Scientific Name: Crocuta crocuta
  • Female squirrel monkeys have pseudo penises that are actually elongated clitorises. They typically show off their fake penises to display dominance in their group. 

    • Scientific Name: Saimiri
    • Types: Black-capped Squirrel Monkey, Central American Squirrel Monkey, Bare-eared Squirrel Monkey, Black Squirrel Monkey, Common Squirrel Monkey
  • Notably the world's scariest big bird, the cassowary has a lot of weird things going for it. Besides their insanely powerful feet and strange head crests with no known purpose, both male and female cassowaries have pseudo penises that lack any real function and retract into the body. The male's actual functioning penis is at the base of his pseudo penis. 

    • Scientific Name: Casuarius
    • Types: Southern Cassowary, Dwarf Cassowary, Northern Cassowary
  • Ring-tailed lemurs are members of the very exclusive group of mammals with pseudo phalluses. Female lemurs have elongated clitorises and display social dominance over males. Unlike most mammals, the females remain with the clan they are born into while the males must find a mate elsewhere.

    • Scientific Name: Lemuriformes
    • Types: Cheirogaleidae, Lemuridae, Daubentoniidae, Indriidae
  • Neotrogla

    The Neotrogla curvata is an insect that lives in Brazilian caves. Neotrogla are known for their unusual sex lives. Females, the far more promiscuous and aggressive sex of the species, penetrate males with a spiky penis during copulation. Sex lasts for 40-70 hours, during which time a capsule of sperm travels from the male to the female. So, in other words, the male is impregnating the female with the female's penis. 

    • Scientific Name: Neotrogla brasiliensis
  • Unlike other females with pseudo-penises, the fossa will eventually grow out of it. A female fossa possesses an elongated clitoris, but it shrinks with age, making it a feature of only juvenile females.

    • Scientific Name: Cryptoprocta ferox