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Which Badass Female Anime Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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Have you ever considered which badass anime woman you have the most in common with? No matter what their gender is, this thought has crossed many anime fans' minds. Awesome female anime characters aren't always perfect – like the star signs, they have both positive and negative traits.

Leos may be courageous leaders, but they can also get a little bit full of themselves, just like Tsunade of Naruto. Sagitarians like Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell can take unnecessary risks, but they're also optimistic and deeply philosophical. It's time to find out which female anime character you are based on your zodiac sign.

  • Photo: Ghost In The Shell / Production I.G

    Motoko Kusanagi is perhaps one of the best-recognized badass anime women, and she's a huge part of what makes Ghost In The Shell a much-watch anime. With such a complex character, it's hard to say which sign suits her best – but Sagittarius, the archer, seems pretty spot on. Typically an enthusiastic, optimistic person, Motoko Kusanagi can also be deeply philosophical, openly questioning whether she's retained her own humanity in a cybernetic body. Like many Sagittarians, she can also be quite reckless – her favorite hobby is scuba diving, an activity which, due to her unusually heavy cybernetic body, would kill her instantly if the buoyancy controls were to malfunction.

  • Photo: Hellsing / Gonzo

    Capricorns are the planners of the zodiac. They set long-term goals and devote themselves to achieving them. They're organized, fearless, and single-minded in their desires. At only 22 years old, Sir Integra Hellsing of Hellsing sits at the head of the powerful Hellsing Organization, a group tasked with defending England from supernatural threats. To accomplish this lofty task, she must be unflappable, organized, and fully dedicated to her role. Her Capricorn traits also appear in the form of a cold, unforgiving nature – Integra doesn't tolerate failure or misbehavior in her subordinates.

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  • Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): Kurisu Makise

    Photo: Steins;Gate / White Fox

    Also known as the "mad scientist" of the zodiac, those born under the sign of Aquarius are naturally curious people who operate on a combination of open-mindedness and logical thinking. They can also be somewhat detached from those around them, which leads to trouble forming lasting relationships. Kurisu Makise of Steins;Gate is a brilliant scientist who takes her work seriously. She can certainly be skeptical; in order to believe in something as seemingly absurd as time travel, she needs logical proof, but, once she has it, she'll run with it. Although she does fall in love with Okabe, it takes her a long time to accept her own feelings and close the distance Aquariuses tend to create. 

  • Photo: Sword Art Online / A-1 Pictures

    At their best, those born under the Pisces sign are sensitive, artistic people who inspire everyone around them. At their worst, they can be flaky and unreliable people who don't quite seem to live in reality. Asuna Yuuki doesn't exactly love the whole reality thing, which is why she spends so much time in the immersive virtual world of Sword Art OnlineThere, she's not only an incredible swords woman, she's also a loving partner to her boyfriend Kirito and a great friend – when she wants to be, that is. Asuna can occasionally come off as mean or unavailable, largely due to her changeable Pisces moods.

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