The Best Female Artists Under 25 Of 2023

As Gen Z's most-talented female artists finally reach 25-years-old, a new wave of young singers enters the music industry. Granted, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriters Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo still remain the reigning Gen Z queens of pop; but 2023's diverse female roster of 24 and under musicians ultimately gives the past few years' A-listers significant competition for GOAT status. Whether you're into alternative, hip-hop, electropop, punk, R&B, or country music, these female artists under 25 are bound to find their way onto your next playlists. GAYLE continues to write her debut studio album while riding the endless high from her breakout single “abcdefu,” and 2022 XXL Freshman DOECHII is ready to take the rap world by storm. Former TikTok influencers Nessa Barrett and Mimi Webb discover their own voices across their latest records; and second-generation Hollywood royalty WILLOW fearlessly continues to defy alternative punk industry stereotypes while paving the way for future emo artists. 

Which trending Gen Z female singers are you most excited to see live, and whose records are you currently listening to? Vote below for the best female artists under 25 of 2023, and be sure to also check out their top new songs afterwards.

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