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lifestyle Things Only Female Basketball Fans Understand  

Rosa Pasquarella
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Basketball has been a part of American life for 125 years, so it’s no wonder that its fan base is massive. Women make up a huge part of the equation, but it's not always easy. Whether it’s the internal struggle of choosing between Netflix or playoffs, or giving a talking to someone who insults the WNBA, there are certain things that only women who love basketball will ever understand.

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You don't, in fact, go to a sports bar to find love

Isn't it crazy to think you'd actually go to a sports bar to watch sports and drink beer?
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You've spent years looking for the perfect fan gear

When it comes to finding a solid shirt to support your team with, we're are often given two options: buy a unisex shirt that will likely drape with a lovely tent-like appearance, or something too small and inexplicably pink. 
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You've got at least one basketball board on Pinterest

How else could you curate and organize your favorite coaches, clips, and cutest team uniforms?
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The only ring you've got your eyes on is a championship's

In the spring, as basketball season is in full bloom, your Facebook feed fills up with engagement announcements. You smile, congratulate, and act like you could ever get excited about a hunk of metal that wasn't earned on the courts. 
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