Lifestyle Things Only Female Basketball Fans Understand  

Rosa Pasquarella
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Basketball has been a part of American life for 125 years, so it’s no wonder that its fan base is massive. Women make up a huge part of the equation, but it's not always easy. Whether it’s the internal struggle of choosing between Netflix or playoffs, or giving a talking to someone who insults the WNBA, there are certain things that only women who love basketball will ever understand.

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You don't, in fact, go to a sports bar to find love

Isn't it crazy to think you'd actually go to a sports bar to watch sports and drink beer?
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You've spent years looking for the perfect fan gear

When it comes to finding a solid shirt to support your team with, we're are often given two options: buy a unisex shirt that will likely drape with a lovely tent-like appearance, or something too small and inexplicably pink. 
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You're expected to know all the stats ever

It happens all the time: random bar dude sees you - *gasp* - actually watching the game, and takes this as his cue to drill you on every stat imaginable. You don't get every single one of his questions right and this probably makes him feel better about himself. Everybody is drawn to basketball for different reasons - don't let your lack of 1987 lay-up record knowledge devalue what you love (or random dudes at the bar, for the love of god).
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You've got at least one basketball board on Pinterest

How else could you curate and organize your favorite coaches, clips, and cutest team uniforms?
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