17 Famous Female Cartoon Characters Voiced by Men

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The world of animation has never made much hay about the voice actors behind the characters. Usually the only people who know about the folks behind the microphones are the audio engineers, and nerds who keep up with that kind of thing, so it might surprise to learn about women cartoons with male voices. The practice of hiring men to play female roles goes back to Shakespeare, but in the modern era, men who voice women characters were likely hired just because it was easier to book them - and there were already a bunch of male voice actors hanging around the studio. If you’re curious about which of your favorite female characters are actually voiced by men, keep reading and prepare to clutch your pearls.

Some of the most surprising actors to voice female characters are those who have reputations for being old school men’s men - and you’ll see a couple of them on this list. But there are also a few voice actors on here who have given life to so many cartoon characters over the years that we would be surprised if they didn’t at least play a couple of gals. Whether you know all about the cartoon business, or you just like watching, there’s definitely something on here that will surprise you.