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Female Celebrities You'd Want Under Your Christmas Tree

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Who needs two front teeth when you can have these hot women for Christmas? Well ... You can't actually have them, but you can still wish for them. Let's start the holiday season early this year! Here is a very accurate (whatever that means) and trenchant list of the hottest celebrity women in Santa suits. Everyone from the classy vets (see: Mariah Carey, Jenny McCarthy) to the merry upstarts (see: Cara DeLevingne, Ariana Grande). There are some pretty clever choices as well, like Zoe Deschanel from Elf. Pretty clever right? Because that is a Christmas movie. It should be noted, however, that all of these pics of hot celebrities are on the "nice" list. They're SFW. That's what "nice" list means here in this instance.

But go ahead and be naughty instead of nice for once ... Scroll through and vote on your favorite girls! Have a very merry Christmas! A very hot girls Christmas. Sure. Hot girls Christmas.