The Best Female Celebrity Role Models

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Who are the top celebrity role models for girls? They're those famous females who encourage girls to be themselves and to stay true to their own thoughts and imaginations. They run their own world and make their own decisions. No one is perfect and celebrity role models for girls are certainly human. It’s because of this, not despite it, that artists and actress role models can best influence the badass women of tomorrow. This list aims to include both women who have always been positive role models, as well as those who have faced some tough times, scrutiny, and even scandal to come out on the other end even more successful and healthy than ever.

The older ladies on this list have been around the block and can give some real life on surviving the slings and arrows of life. Betty White is one of the most positive celebrity role models for girls because she’s been scandal-free, hardworking, hilarious, and still popular as she approaches a century.

Younger female actor role models can teach a master class on how to lead, too. Emma Watson is a UN ambassador and has been inspiring girls since her Hermione days. Her HeForShe campaign has put Watson on the world stage where she is happy to inspire and promote women. "My recent research has shown me that 'feminism' has become an unpopular word. Women are choosing not to identify as feminists ... Why has the word become such an unpopular one?” Why, indeed, Miss Watson.

P!nk, Billie Eilish, and Katharine Hepburn are examples of role models who inspire young girls to embrace both sides of their personalities. You can be a girly girl and then switch over to sports in a flash. You can be smart, nerdy, introverted, or a social butterfly. Just be yourself in all cases, according to these celebrity role modes for girls. In fact, Amy Poehler started an entire online community, Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, dedicated to this mission.

Who leads the pack of the top artist and actress role models? Who will stand the test of time as one of the most influential celebrity role models for girls? Upvote the female role models who inspire you the most or add any other Hollywood celebrities who are leading the way.

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