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Meet The Kick*ss Women Rocking Hirsutism - A Condition Causing Excessive Hair

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The human body is a sensitive vessel and something like a minor imbalance in hormones can be enough to radically alter a person's appearance. Take female hirsutism, for example. Hirsutism is a condition that causes excessive hair growth in women, typically in places that are more commonly associated with male hair growth patterns. Women with excessive hair have been shamed throughout history but that's all starting to change. These women are no longer being treated like circus sideshow attractions and there is a growing movement that aims to celebrate them rather than shame. No one can accuse women who embrace their facial hair of being basic

Many things can cause hirsutism but it's important to treat those with this conspicuous condition with respect. Their beauty has not diminished because of it. In fact, it has blossomed even more because they know their true worth.

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    The primary and most noticeable symptom of  hirsutism in women is excessive hair growth. Women with hirsutism will often grow facial hair similar to men, including a mustache and beard. Not all women experience the same level of hair growth, so some cases may be more extreme than others. The hair typically has a dark coloration and is coarse to the touch. 

  • The Primary Cause Of Hirsutism Is A Hormonal Imbalance


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    The root cause of hirsutism is typically an excess of androgens in the body. Androgens are hormones that are more common in males than females. An example is testosterone, a hormone that is very closely tied to men. The condition typically arises around puberty, when hormone production is kicked into overdrive. All women produce both female and male sex hormones via their ovaries but hirsutism happens when there is a chemical imbalance. When too many androgens are produced, a wide range of symptoms may occur..

  • Women Are Choosing To Embrace Their Condition Rather Than Fight It


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    While some people find the condition embarrassing, a lot of women are choosing to embrace their hirsutism rather than fight it. This is part of a greater revolution concerning outdated beauty standards, one that aims to bolster self esteem by taking pride in one's appearance. These women are proudly celebrating their facial hair and incorporating it into their own personal sense of beauty. They are living proof that having facial hair does not disqualify you from being feminine.

  • One Hirsute Woman Has Become An Icon


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    Perhaps the most famous hirsute in the world is a British Sikh woman by the name of Harnaam Kaur. She has been living proudly with her full beard for years and she's garnered quite a following. Kaur has almost 100,000 followers on Instagram and is a successful activist. In 2016, she slayed the runway at London Fashion Week, fulfilling a lifelong dream. She has managed to become an icon in her own right and she's an inspiration to women with hirsutism everywhere.