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The Best Female Reboots Of Men-Led Movies

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Imagine a movie world with a female James Bond or Ethan Hunt? Although we’re not quite there yet, gender swap remakes are nothing new. But, they are currently more popular than ever. Here are the best remakes with women.

Movies remade with a female cast are like taking an old formula and looking at it from a different angle. A prime example of this is The Incredible Shrinking Woman, which was a remake of (you guessed it) The Incredible Shrinking Man. The films maintain all the charming characteristics of what made the source material so great, but they are able to add a fresh perspective. Ocean’s Eight is just as fun, smart, and twisty-turny as the original Ocean’s 11 (and the Steven Soderbergh remakes); however the female cast breathes new life into the standard heist drama.

From fighting ghosts to stealing jewels to racing love bugs, this all female reboots list prove that the girls can have just as much fun as the boys. Which is your favorite? Vote up or down on the list below to determine the best female reboot movies. Also be sure to revisit this list as new and upcoming movies are being remade with a female cast.