Female Teen Stars of the '90s: Then and Now

This list of the most popular teen stars from the '90s includes stars from hit shows like Party of Five, Boy Meets World, 7th Heaven, and many other nostalgic classics. This list isn't just a bunch of teen actors, though. We've included some of the biggest teen music stars from the '90s like Britney Spears and Brandy as well.

It's been a while since the '90s began and these popular teen stars have been busy during the past 25+ years. Find out what Neve Campbell, Tiffani Thiessen, Christina Applegate, Amy Jo Johnson and many of your other favorite '90s starts have been up to with this then and now look back at popular '90s teen stars.

What have the most popular '90s female stars been up to since their height of fame? Many have gone on to successful film and television careers in current entertainment as well, and many of them are now mothers.

Read on to find out what your favorite stars from the nineties are doing today, and enjoy these before and after photos of the most famous females of the 1990s.