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Female TV Characters Who Proposed to Their Boyfriends

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In today's TV landscape, the lack of strong female characters is no longer an issue. There are plenty of shows that know how to portray powerful women, from Game of Thrones to Scandal, The Vampire Diaries to Veronica Mars. It isn’t a stretch to say that the TV heroine has evolved over the years. She’s no longer just a nagging wife or a trophy for the male protagonist to win; she’s complex and relatable.

Strong women, despite being flawed, are now building empires and taking control of their own lives, without the help of anyone. As the theme song to The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt goes, "these females are strong as hell!" It’s no wonder that these ladies aren't afraid to take the lead when it comes to matters of the heart, as well. Presenting: this round up of fan-favorite female TV characters who proposed to their boyfriends. 

When most people think of a marriage proposal, they picture a man down on one knee. (Fewer people picture a Burger King parking lot and a woman who is several months pregnant, but to each their own). The kick-ass leading ladies below don’t care about the norm. More importantly, they aren’t afraid of being vulnerable.

These women know what they want and they go for it, instead of patiently waiting for their boyfriends to buy them a ring. Because, ultimately, building a life together is more important to them than who gets to make the big romantic gesture. Check out this list of female characters who proposed to men and get ready to swoon over these inspiring, romantic, and driven women.
  • Monica Geller
    Video: YouTube

    Friends – "The One with the Proposal," Season 6, Episode 25

    Chandler wanted to surprise Monica with his proposal, but his efforts to throw her off almost cost him the relationship. Fans knew, or at least hoped, that their love would finally prevail. When he opened the door to their apartment to find her waiting for him in an extremely romantic setting, tissues were mandatory. Two best friends getting engaged became your relationship goal way back in 2000. Adorable without being cheesy, this remains one of the best proposals in the history of television.
  • Lorelai Gilmore
    Video: YouTube

    Gilmore Girls – “A House Is Not a Home,” Season 5, Episode 22

    "Luke, will you marry me?" So simple, so direct, so perfect. When Lorelai saw how much her boyfriend cared about Rory, she knew he was the man for her. Fans of the coffee addict and the diner owner had to wait an entire summer to hear him say yes, but, like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Although they didn’t get married on the show, there's always time in the Netflix revival to witness some nuptials.
  • Miranda Hobbes
    Photo: HBO

    Sex and the City - "The Ick Factor," Season 6, Episode 14

    Getting pegged as the "Miranda" of your friend group may seem like a personal attack, but maybe you should reconsider. Miranda was incredibly hardworking, straight-forward, and not one to be distracted by love. Ever practical, she had no trouble asking Steve to marry her when she realized that he was the one she wanted to spend her entire life with. In classic Miranda fashion, she handled it with candor and sweetness, making her proposal the most normal thing in the world.

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  • Penny
    Video: YouTube

    The Big Bang Theory – “The Hesitation Ramification,” Season 7, Episode 12

    While her last name is still (and forever shall remain) a mystery, Big Bang Theory fans have learned a lot of other things about Penny over the years. That includes her dynamic with Leonard, and their will-they-won't-they romance. The beauty and the nerd coupling is incredibly endearing, but it still took fans by surprise when Penny proposed. Of course, when she popped a squat to pop the big question, she was depressed and white girl wasted on some white wine.

    Leonard gently let her down, not wanting to take advantage of the situation, but the couple finally tied the knot in Vegas.