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Femforce is a title from Florida-based independent publisher AC Comics. The company made use of some Golden Age properties, such as Miss Victory, to get a kickstart. Femforce today remains one of the few long-running all-female superhero teams, its series continuing a steady run along with some Golden Age revivals. 

Miss Victory

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A former biochemist during World War 2, Joan Wayne used her trademark super-soldier serum, V-47, on herself, since it would not work on others. She gained the powers of flight and super strength, and fights evil behind the mask of the patriotic Miss Victory. 

She Cat

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Having gained the power of the cat goddess Sekhmet, Jessica Hunt keeps Sekhmet contained by a ring she wears. If removed, the full fury of the deadly cat will be unleashed. But even while the ring is on, she gains cat-like abilities and strength. 


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Product of a freak experiment involving LSD, Sylvia Synn obtained the power to create objects out of psychokinetic matter. Her mind however is unstable, and thus she switches from a childlike personality to one with superior intellect. 

Tara the Jungle Girl

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Tara Fremont started out as the vine-swinging jungle expert of Femforce. One day, she was tricked into drinking a formula that allows her to become a giant, the same as Garganta. She has since then combined her size-changing ability with her fighting skills to become a formidable fighter.