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21 Awesomely Feminist Elements in Jessica Jones 

Candice Darden
Updated June 24, 2019 525 votes 152 voters 5.5k views 21 items
Jessica Jones is Netflix and Marvel's newest superhero show on the scene, and dynamic for it's unique portrayal of feminist themes and moments throughout the show. *SPOILER ALERT* If you haven't watched Jessica Jones, you might want to read this after you've had a chance to catch up.

Jessica Jones is anything but your typical superhero - a far cry from the skintight outfits, skimpy clothes, and damsel in distress cliches common to male power fantasies, Jessica is fully capable of standing up to the villains in her life and of saving others as well. Passing the Bechdel test with flying colors is just one sign of the show's sophisticated gender dynamics. From the strong bond between Jess and Trish to Jeri Hogarth's gender-swapped character, and equal relationship portrayals Jessica Jones is full of feminist moments and themes.
The show doesn't pay lip service to strong women or provide superficial girl power. Jessica Jones treats its female characters as complex, three-dimensional people. So let's take you through some of our favorite moments from the show, from broad themes to small moments, even covering lesser known facts. This list highlights and celebrates all the things Jessica Jones got right when it comes to feminism. We already can't wait for season two!
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It Passes the Bechdel Test with Flying Colors

 On Jessica Jones, female characters actually shares scenes together and discuss topics other than men. The show passes the Bechdel Test easily, setting an A+ example for other shows.
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The Lead Female Superhero Doesn't Walk (or Fly) Around Sans Clothing

Eschewing spandex or form-fitting jumpsuits, Jessica wears realistic clothes that she can comfortably fight in - her signature black leather jacket, jeans, and black boots. Props to Netflix for doing a callback to Jessica's original 'Jewel' costume... but not using it in the show.
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The Bond Between Jessica and Trish Is Central to the Show

The main love story of the show is not, in fact, the one between Jessica and Luke Cage. It's the one between Jess and Trish. Not sisters by birth, Trish's mother took Jessica in after her family was killed in an accident, and they formed a close bond. Though they have their spats, they have intelligent, rational arguments - thankfully there's no catty hair-pulling or petty name-calling involved.They always pull through for each other at the end of the day because there's mutual respect and love between these two.
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It Handles Issues of Misogyny, Rape, Abuse, and PTSD

 The show puts a powerful spotlight on these tough issues, and doesn't shy away from the nitty-gritty or use them as mere shock value in a plot twist. Instead, the entire first season is very much about recovering from an emotionally abusive "relationship" with a rapist control freak.
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