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The Saga Of Feodor Vassilyev: A Man Who Fathered 22 Twins In The 1700s

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Feodor Vassilyev was one of the most prolific fathers in recorded history. A peasant from Shuya, Russia, he lived from 1707-1782 and fathered 87 children before dying at the age of 76. And nearly all of these children were twins, triplets, or quadruplets. Vassilyev's first wife, who holds the world record for most children born to a single woman, birthed 69 of those children, while his second wife had 18.

Though little information exists about Vassilyev's descendants, we know an astonishing 82 out of the 87 children survived infancy, and many lived in Moscow on government assistance. To some, the story may seem impossible, but others find the evidence quite reasonable.

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