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15 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' Fan Theories That Make Us Want To Twist & Shout

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One of the most popular film genres is '80s movies and that's no surprise when you have incredible classics from John Hughes. From soul-searching teen dramedies to classic heart-warming holiday comedies about family, we owe a lot to the writer and director's brilliant mind. But one film sticks out above all the rest when it comes to "The Brat Pack" and that's Ferris Bueller's Day Off. No one was more effortlessly cool than Ferris and everyone wished they could fake a sick day and galavant around the city. We managed to round up some of the most interesting fan theories for all the things we felt were left unsaid.

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    Ferris Really Was Sick And The Events Of The Movie Were A Fever Dream

    From Redditor u/CB2001:

    TL;DR: Essentially, the whole film with the exception of Ferris being sick in bed was just an awesome fever dream with some nightmarish moments with his family, friends, and people he knows as the cast. Also, Ferris's 4th wall breaks aren't to the audience. They're to himself. And his reiteration of "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it," may be his subconscious telling him to relax once in a while.

    [Read the full theory here]

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    Ferris And Sloane Are A Figment Of Cameron's Imagination

    From Redditor u/thunderdoom:

    Cameron creates Ferris in his mind. Ferris is the total opposite of Cameron: he’s fun, spontaneous and has a loving family and foxy girlfriend. At the beginning of the film, the imaginary Ferris convinces a bed-ridden Cameron to “borrow” his dad’s Ferrari 250 GT California and cruise all over Chicago. Given Cameron’s crushing social incompetence, it’s likely that Sloane is fictional too and represents a girl that he has a crush on. This theory explains the more fantastic elements of the film. For example, the whole city of Chicago rallies around the “sick” Ferris. This represents Cameron’s miserable home life and how he yearns for friends and family who give a sh*t. Or, perhaps Bueller is a guy Cameron knows but isn’t friends with, and his fantasy is based on what he imagines life to be like for the “popular” kids at school—everything is easy and the world revolves around them. When Cameron accidentally trashes his father’s Ferrari at the film’s climax, he realizes that he needs to stick up to his father and take responsibility for his own life. At this point he “disposes” of Ferris and Sloane. Both of his fictional friends receive happy endings: Sloane is left pondering marrying Ferris, whereas Ferris safely returns home, where he can break the fourth wall for eternity.

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    Charlie Sheen's Characters In 'Major League' And 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' Are The Same Person

    From Redditor u/bigj7489:

    We all know Charlie Sheen's character "Ricky Vaughn," the hard throwing pitching prospect that leads the Cleveland Indians to glory in Major League. But where did he come from? Have we seen him before somewhere? We're told in ML that he pitched in the California Penal League previously, and that he's a "juvenile delinquent" in the offseason. He's got a rep for bad behavior, and he's somewhat young still to be carrying the "juvenile" part of that label. Three years prior, we see an unnamed Sheen character in the police station scene of FBDO, giving Ferris's sister a hard time, though she ultimately ends up noticeably fond of him. He's obviously not having the best day though - he's clearly been arrested and is awaiting processing. There's not a lot that messes a kid's behavior up more than moving around a lot. FBDO is set in Illinois. Prior to ML, he's been, as noted, in California. We don't get to see the back of FBDO Sheen's head, but if we did, I'll bet he's got that "Vegematic" haircut made famous in Major League.

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    Ferris' Dad Knew He Skipped School

    From Redditor u/tyoung000:

    Ferris Bueller may have everyone fooled, but he didn't fool his dad. He ran into his dad alot in there trip in Chicago, and people kept on thinking what the heck is wrong with this dude, he can't even catch his son. But I think he might of known, he saw his son but didn't want to bust him because he did the same thing when he was in High School, I mean why does he run into his son all the time and doesn't even check to see if that was him? He even runs into him on the road. He wants his son to have the same experience that he did when he was in high school, that's why he didn't bust him.

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