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17 Ways To Make Your Music Festival Experience Legendary  

Erica Scheidt
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Preparing for a camping music festival can oftentimes be like preparing for summer camp; though you don't want to overpack and get stuck lugging around your belongings like you just got kicked out of your girlfriend's apartment, you also don't want to be unprepared. Camping music festivals can oftentimes be unpredictable, what with the unreliable weather conditions, crazy crowds, and the loads of drunk people who could easily mistake your tent for theirs. To make your camping festival experience all the more enjoyable, we've compiled this list of hacks that will make your three-day weekend of partying and nonstop music one of the best of the summer.

Of course, it's understandable to ask yourself before embarking on such a crazy journey: how the hell does one make it through the weekend without a bed? How do you not lose all of your friends immediately? How do you avoid getting stuck in mud like a truck at a monster truck rally? While the idea of a camping music festival can be intimidating, the solutions to many of the problems that crop up over the weekend are not. Whether it's employing a buddy system, making friends with your neighbors, or making your campsite as homey as possible, any one of these suggestions will make you want to keep returning year after year. Now go ahead and get down with your bad self, because these camping music festival hacks will pretty much guarantee a safe and fun weekend.
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Make Your Campsite Stand Out is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list 17 Ways To Make Your Music Festival Experience Legendary
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Make Your Campsite Stand Out
There's nothing worse than stumbling home drunkenly after a crazy night and not having a clue where the hell your campsite is. Make your site stand out amongst the sea of tents, whether it's decorating your easy up with distinctive tapestries, or stringing a pair of solar or battery-powered lights to make it easier to find late at night.
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Research Bands Before Attending
Rather than just going for the main headliners, it's important to research the lesser-known bands on the bill as well. While yes, the main attractions are an important factor in buying a pricey ticket, the obscure groups usually have more to prove, and therefore will be motivated to put on a great show. And who knows, you may just leave the festival with a new favorite band.
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Make Sure the Sleeping Situation Will Be Sweet

Though tents can be a bit of a splurge already, spending a little extra money on a high quality tent will end up being a better investment; not only can you use it for occasions other than the festival, but it will guarantee a better experience. For three days, it's your home away from home, so you'll want to seek out tents that have great ventilation for the sweaty afternoons, large enough so a mess can be designated to a corner, and versatile so your living space can be transformed into a social one.

We recommend bringing a blow up mattress over a sleeping pad; it'll be way more comfortable and is optimal for cuddle puddles. Check your air mattress before leaving; a hole in the mattress will be a disaster, and you want to make sure that the air pump is in good condition before you get stuck sleeping on the ground.

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Embrace the Fact That Your Pho... is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list 17 Ways To Make Your Music Festival Experience Legendary
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Embrace the Fact That Your Phone Will Probably Die
While we do suggest bringing a solar or battery powered charger for the weekend, there's still a high chance that your phone will die within a day of arriving at the festival grounds. Rather than panic about all the missed Instagram opportunities, employ a system that will render your phones useless anyways (meet up spots, flags, buddy systems, etc.). Besides, having a dead phone throughout the weekend will be strangely liberating.
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