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14 Barbaric Festivals That Should Be Banned For What They Do To Animals

Multicultural festivals and traditions from around the world are historically important and typically include a lot of fun and games. Unless -- more often than you'd think, it turns out -- you're an animal. From subtle abuse at festivals to entire ceremonies dedicated to the brutalization and torture of these beasts, what happens to unsuspecting and innocent creatures at the expense of human consumption or entertainment is everything but enjoyable. As merry festival goers do almost everything within the spectrum of the cruel and unusual to these animals during their celebratory activities, the animal abuse at festivals never seems to end. Events that torture animals allow humans the space to publicly poke, prod, bite, shoot, incinerate, slice, murder, butcher and yes, eat, animals like dogs and birds or even large herds of wild horses and pods of whales.

Barbaric acts are taken out on these (mostly) doomed creatures as these festivals that hurt animals continue to this day. Few have been shut down or maintained, as local governments and/or communities hold these acts as traditional to their culture -- even the ones that are savage beyond belief and have the possibility to carried out in a humane way have made very little progress.