The Fictional Bosses You'd Least Like to Work For

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Horrible bosses from fiction only. Vote up the worst bosses on the list.

List of the fictional bosses you’d least like to work for. Think your boss is bad? Your boss may not even compare to some of the horrible fictional bosses throughout time. Browse through this list of the fictional bosses you’d least like to work for to gain some new perspective on your own employment situation. Ranked by the community in order from the absolute worst to just kind of annoying, you are sure to find a boss worse than yours on the list.

Vote for the fictional boss you think is the absolute worst. Or, if you don’t see a particularly horrible fictional boss on the list, and him or her below so that others can vote as well.

Although some may think the boss they have is the worst, there are some fictional bosses that have even been known to stalk or kill their employees. After seeing a few of these fictional bosses that you’d least like to work for, you may start to appreciate your own boss a little more!
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