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Fictional Characters Named Tara

List of notable fictional characters whose name is Tara, including photos when available. The fictional characters named Tara below come from every kind of genre and medium. This list includes movie characters named Tara, TV characters named Tara, and book character named Tara as well. We've even included some notable video game characters whose name is Tara when applicable. Whether you're looking for comedy characters named Tara or drama characters named Tara, this list has you covered.

Who are the most well known fictional Taras? Some of the more memorable names below include Tara Maclay from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tara Chambler from The Walking Dead, and Tara Knowles from Sons of Anarchy. This list is ranked by the votes of users like you, so vote for your favorite characters below if you want to see them higher on the list. If we left your top character named Tara off the list, feel free to add them.